We live in harsh times, but we need to keep our travel spirit alive as restrictions have started to ease up. Let’s not forget about this amazing benefit: YOU get to travel again! Yes, you, travel lover, are finally free again to explore. To leave on a road trip, hop on a domestic flight, stay in an enchanting B&B, meet new people, and have meaningful experiences. In the end, that’s what travel is all about. It starts within yourself, and it’s all about your mindset & perspective. You could make this period amazing and go on beautiful trips and discover more of the country you live in. Or, you could be pissed; you can’t go to Bali and stay inside until October. Which one is it going to be?
Also – this time, there might not be new languages or new food to be discovered – depending on which country you live in -,, but I am sure every country has its delicacies in certain regions, and there might be some dialect, so that counts too, right?
As there are several ways to get into solo travel slowly, domestic travel is a perfect and safe way to get started. You already know your country, the language(s), and your way around & means of transportation (mostly). Home is not far away – you are disconnected, but still connected on some level with your home base.
Besides that, it’s an interesting way to get out of your comfort zone in your home country & be free-spirited in a region you have never been to before. I encourage you not to start going on solo adventures in places you are way too familiar with, as this can block you from going outside your comfort zone.
If you want solo travel more confidently, go someplace new! Many experiments have shown that people are more successful in changing their habits & getting out of their comfort zone when they are new, not known or familiar. That also explains why you feel so free on holiday: nobody knows you, you are on new grounds.
Travel trailers can be classified into non-motorised RVs. We all have seen them on the highway, hitched to a car or pickup. Travel trailers are available in all sizes, from tiny jellybean-shaped models with a chuckwagon kitchen in the rear to the massive house-on-wheels with picture windows and a sliding glass patio door. So the question arises that why do we need a travel trailer instead of an RV? Travel Trailers gives the comfort and luxury of an RV, but at a lower cost. Following are a few unique benefits of hitting the road with a small travel trailer:
Most vehicles today, including SUVs, don’t have the capability to tow a full-size RV. on the other hand, travel trailers can be towed by almost any vehicle, all you need is a trailer hitch. Smaller trailers are easier to maneuver; they come in handy when you are stopping for gas or parking at your campsite. Besides having less maintenance cost, travel trailers also take less gas to tow and provide better average.
Small travel trailers are easy to maintain as compared to full-size RVs. They have fewer moving parts, and they are perfect for adventurers as well as ideal for people who prefer to keep things simple.
On a family getaway or romantic trip, cozying up with the ones you love in a small trailer can be a truly special experience.
If you’re thinking about buying a camper trailer, there are many different options to explore. Camper trailers are versatile campers, and they come in a wide range of sizes, weights, and formats. Because of all these options, almost every car can tow at least one type of camper trailer. These have made them a popular choice in the RV community.

The different types of travel trailers are:
• Classic Camper Trailers
• Toy Haulers
• Teardrop Trailers
• Stand-up Trailers
• Pop-up Trailers (aka Camper Trailers)
• Airstreams

Classic Camper Trailers
Reasons to own a travel trailer

Classic camper trailers come in varieties of sizes, but they are commonly regarded as the type which is the largest and most luxurious model. These trailers can easily be pulled by any car with a high enough towing capacity, usually only heavy-duty trucks can remove the most extensive travel trailers. Before opting for a classic travel trailer, you need to make sure that your tow vehicle can handle the weight before committing.

Toy Haulers
Reasons to own a travel trailer

Toy haulers are camper trailers that are specifically designed to carry vast amounts of cargo along with camping equipment, or even small cars. These 4-wheelers, UTVs, and other “toys” are perfect cargo for this type of camper!

Teardrop Trailers

Reasons to own a travel trailer

Teardrop camper trailers are small size travel trailers that can be dragged by almost any vehicle. These trailers are designed to be ultra-light, and every part of them has been refined to be compact and streamlined. They make the most of their limited floor plan and manage to include the right amount of comforts and facilities!

Pop-up Trailers

Reasons to own a travel trailer

Pop-up trailers are exciting to travel trailers, and they bridge the gap between tents and RVs. These trailers Resemble allot to classic travel trailers. Once you park them, they have sections that extend outward. They also fold-out, which are usually enclosed by a layer of canvas or other weather-proofed fabric.


Airstreams are a specific brand of the camper trailer that are quite distinctive in their appearance as well as design. They are available in a range of lengths and weights, but almost every airstream has round ends. Each airstream is plated with a metallic covering, giving them a peculiar appearance that makes them immediately recognisable.

Reasons to own a travel trailer