How to Travel in 2020? / Travel with Precautions in times of Corona Virus.

The COVID 19 is not something that belongs to the past; we are experiencing it as of now. Although some places are still in lockdown, travel is slowly starting to open up again. People locked down for months, sitting in front of their TV, and now they want to stretch their legs, they want to see something other than a TV/Phones screen. Restaurants and some tourist attractions are slowly opening for the local and domestic travels are also gradually starting. A few countries such as Greece, India & Italy have started to welcome international tourists.
But in this time of crises, how anyone would like to explore a world that holds potentially deadly diseases such as the Corona Virus? How can we meet new people, make friends without those friendly people infect you? We have many questions. Is it safe to get on an airplane? Can we still visit amusements parks while social distancing? Most commonly, How can we stop to use a public restroom?

How to Travel in 2020?  / Travel with Precautions in times of Corona Virus.

Are Airplanes really safe?

Nowadays being crammed next to total strangers in a flying metal tube sounds scary for most of us. And most people believes that they will have more chances of getting the corona virus on an airplane than any other places, but the truth is quite different. The air on the airplane is circulated by HEPA filter which cleans even the tiny hazardous airborne particles, making the air quality on an airplane filtered and in a better quality than any other indoor places. Airports and different airlines are taking measures and trying to minimise the risks of an outbreak. Intensive cleaning is now the new normal. Planes are soon being sprayed with an electrostatic disinfectant that sinks within the surface. Some airlines have started giving out wipes, and few flight regulations have also been updated. For example, the size of hand sanitiser bottles you can bring on board has increased from 3.4 ounces to 12. Internationally, some countries now requires proof that you are not COVID-19 Positive; other countries test passengers when they arrive at the airport. Most countries require you to go through a mandatory 14-day quarantine period, some require you to submit a quarantine plan for approval, and some provide you with a tracking bracelet to ensure you follow the rules.

How to Travel in 2020?  / Travel with Precautions in times of Corona Virus.

Should I go by sea instead or the air ?

Like amusement parks, seaside vacations are great but with precautions. You will have to stay away from others and obey beach closure rules. Fortunately, there’s no evidence of any kind that supports that you can catch COVID-19 from the water. But don’t forget to carry the essentials sunscreen and hand sanitiser.

Should I stay in a hotel?

Hotels that invest in the employees that take better care of them by providing them with PPE and paid sick leave are far more likely to give you a safe stay. Before checking in at any hotel make sure to visit the hotel’s website that you’re considering to stay and see the procuration measures that the hotel is taking and how they’re responding to COVID-19.

How to Travel in 2020?  / Travel with Precautions in times of Corona Virus.

According to the World Health Organisation, to keep yourself safe if you are travelling during the COVID-19 outbreak, you have to:
wash your hands frequently. Without a doubt, this is the most mandatory thing you can do to reduce your risk of catching the corona virus disease. And not only just a quick rinse – wash your hands with soap for at least 20 to 35 seconds at any chance you get – especially after being in public or travelling via public transport. If you consider changing planes, you must wash your hands before leaving the airport, preferably with soap. If you don’t have a soap with you, then use a hand sanitiser with at the minimum 60% of alcohol content on your hands and wrists. But keep in mind that hand sanitisers are not as effective as thoroughly washed hands with soap.

Although it is hard sometimes not to touch your face, but it is definitely worth all the safety procurations that you can take. If you have been in any people crowded places, don’t touch your face unless you have washed your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. The novel corona virus can live on surfaces for hours after it has been affected by an infected person, also can infect you if you touch your mouth, nose, and eyes, or go near an infected person.

Make sure to maintain social distancing. If you notice that someone is coughing, sneezing, or showing any kind of symptoms similar to that of the flu or a cold, make sure to stay at least 6 feet away from them, also report this to the airport emergency team or any airport staff. You can become infected by airborne particles which can enter your respiratory system in the shape of tiny droplets.
You should clean frequently-touched objects with a sanitising spray or alcohol wipes. If you decide to stay in a hotel or hostel while you are abroad, make sure you book somewhere you know it is clean from previous experience, or at least if you know anyone had a good previous experience in the cleanliness of the hotel. In all the cases to be in the safe side, it is better to talk with the hotel management to check whether your room is thoroughly cleaned or maybe even giving frequently-touched objects a sweep with a disinfectant.

In general make sure to avoid crowded places – especially in closed spaces. If you are travelling to a country with a high number of corona virus cases, it is best if you avoid going to any place where there is a large number of people.

How to Travel in 2020?  / Travel with Precautions in times of Corona Virus.

Before planning to travel, do your research regarding the spread of the corona virus outbreak in the country you are planning to visit. Look at the health and Government officials regulations and the health advisory reports in the specific country you are travelling to it. If they recommend staying in lock-down in a particular region, then you should follow the instructions or not to travel to this specific location. Always wear a mask and seek immediate medical help if you develop any symptoms of COVID-19. Such as high fever, coughing, or having difficulty in breathing. And make sure you always wear a mask when you head out so that you don’t risk infecting other people and seek medical help immediately.

How to Travel in 2020? / Travel with Precautions in times of Corona Virus.
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