Best Places to visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is not some faraway dreamland that should stay in travellers’ imaginations. It’s effortless to get to, and the journey across the Pacific will reward you with plenty of incredible attractions and local treasures. New Zealand is only 1,000 miles long, 280 miles across at its widest, and home to just under five million people, but this long, narrow country contains an enormous variety of things to see and do. Travellers can ski on snow-capped mountains and bask on subtropical beaches, learn about Maori culture, and discover its British heritage, sip on some of the world’s finest wines and hike through the uninhabited wilderness. Whatever kind of travel experiences you enjoy, you can probably find it in New Zealand.

Even if you haven’t seen The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit films, you’ll know New Zealand is incredibly scenic. The South Island is lined with exquisite mountain ranges, glaciers, and lush forestry while the North is renowned for its breathtaking coastlines, geothermal treasures, and remarkable glowworm caves. And this is just a quick taster — you need to see the majestic landscape from up close to appreciate its beauty truly. Hospitality is New Zealand’s middle name. In the smaller cities, it’s not uncommon for people to smile at passing strangers and say hello. Enter just about any hotel, bar, or restaurant, and nine times out of 10, you’ll be greeted with a smile. New Zealanders are just naturally polite and friendly — and that alone is a bonus for travellers visiting this lovely country.

New Zealand is safe! The usual precautions apply: always lock up your valuables, steer clear of spotty neighbourhoods, and so forth. Still, comparably speaking, New Zealand is much safer than many places around the world. For the most part, you can walk comfortably at night in all the major cities (again, provided you avoid the shady areas), and solo travellers can enjoy all the best attractions without worrying about their safety. The country comprises two main islands—imaginatively named the North and South Islands in English, and Te Ika a Maui and Te Wai Pounamu, respectively, in Maori. Although the South Island is larger, more than three-quarters of New Zealand’s population lives in the North. Ideally, visitors should spend time on both islands, although picking one isn’t a wrong approach. Here are the 15 best places to visit in New Zealand. A visit to New Zealand will expose you to some of the most beautiful – and geographically diverse – landscapes out there. There are some exquisite destinations you don’t want to miss from rocky alpine terrains to stunningly pristine beaches.


Christchurch is the largest city by area in New Zealand located on South Island. However, despite being a large metropolitan, it’s a fascinating place to visit during your vacation. Some of the things to do when in Christ church include exploring the funky street art or visiting the Canterbury Earthquake National Museum. Another cool thing to do while in Christchurch is to take the gondola all the way up to Mount Cavendish. The gondola is roughly 1km long, and at the top of Mount Cavendish, you can enjoy the stunning landscape of the city.

The Catlins

Located in the extreme south of the South Island between Invercargill and Balclutha, the Catlin’s is a must place to visit if you are into stunning views. The catlins hosts both stunning landscapes such as waterfalls and forests, and holds an abundance of wildlife.

Marlborough Sounds

The Marlborough Sounds are located on the top of the South Island across the Tasman Sea, across Wellington. It is a known gateway to the islands and inlets. From elephants to marine life, the Marlborough Sound is a must-visit if you are a nature lover.


Kaikoura is a pretty little town which is located on the east coast just north of Christchurch. Dolphins are the sight to catch here! They are so prevalent in the area that you don’t need a travel guide to encounter one. A trip to the beach could give you the experience you are looking for, free. Aside from the dolphins, there is a penalty to catch up to. You can also enjoy the not so warm beaches and discover other marine life such as whales, stingrays, and Orcas.

Milford Sound

You cannot afford to miss a visit to Milford Sound during your trip to New Zealand. It is located in Fiordland National Park and is 4 hours away by road from Queenstown. Milford Sound is also referred to as the 8th wonder of the world. Both cruises and yachts are the best way to explore Milford Sound, but there are always other options such as kayaking trips or breathtaking overhead scenic flights. Kayaking trips are almost full-day adventures, but there are some which run only for a few hours. The fascinating thing about Milford is that there’s room to personalize your own trip.


The Northland Region is the busiest New Zealand destination for the locals, especially during their summer holidays. It is popular among the locals because of the stunning beaches which sometimes rival those in places like Australia. The place has a remote and somewhat uncharted vibe that draws people here.

Bay of Islands

If you are into fishing sailing or water sports, The Bay of Islands is the best place to go to New Zealand. The Bay of Islands is almost three hours by road from Auckland. This heavenly region is made up of 144 small islands between Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula.


Queenstown is located on the west side of the South Island; It has a well-deserved reputation in the world. It is often regarded as the adventure capital of New Zealand. During the winter and spring period, Queenstown is known for world-class skiing. Of course, there is plenty to do when visiting Queenstown’s other months. Adventure activities such as skydiving, skiing, boating, and river rafting our the experiences you don’t want to miss.

Mt Taranaki

There are not many active volcanoes you can visit today. Mt Taranaki is an active volcano. It is one of those New Zealand points of interest that can be seen from miles away. The strange thing is that tourists often miss it.If you want to have a view of it, visit the Pouakai Hut. This small hut is situated around 5km from the volcano’s base and offers a view like no other.


Waikato region of New Zealand rose to fame because of the two extremely popular New Zealand tourist destinations. These are the Waitomo Caves and Hobbiton! The famous film set of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies is a place to explore. They obviously had their reasons when they travelled all the way to New Zealand to begin shooting.

Best Places to visit in New Zealand

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