Best Country Towns To Visit In The United Kingdom

Far away in the country, things are done differently, and life moves slower. Everyone likes to visit big cities, run next to the sea and explore adjacent city suburbs, but until one has not examined the countryside, he has missed out on allot. Country living comes with a grant of benefits. Today, modern science shows that living in the Town is beneficial as compared to big cities. It is beneficial for both your physical and your mental health. And while city and suburb living certainly have plenty of their benefits, there’s something about country life that just does the body good.

Every year millions of tourists visit the United Kingdom, and they all have their reasons. From breathtaking views to prosperous cities, from vibrant history to remarkable development, United Kingdom surely is a place to visit. However, if you have to experience a true British Lifestyle you would have to hop out of the cities and head to the countryside.

Country Towns in the United Kingdom are so neatly tucked in that they seem somthing coming out from Hobbit. You can find rough brown cliffs or rolling green hills, moorland or dense forests, beaches by the most importantly, welcoming people. The fascinating things about Uk Country towns are that people here are friendly and homely. Seeing large rows of cozy cottages is like getting a cozy hug from the countryside. Steeped in sometimes ancient history, and packed with sometimes old pubs, here is a rundown of the most charming small towns in the United Kingdom.

Best Country Towns To Visit In The United Kingdom

3) Portmeirion

Portmeirion has a traditional background to it. It was created by a famous architect from Welsh Clough Williams-Ellis; 1925 to 1976. His goal was to show how a naturally beautiful site could be developed without spoiling it. He obviously succeeded as Today Portmeirion is one of Wales’ premier visitor attractions, with well over 200,000 guests every year.

There is a lot to do when visiting Portmeirion. You can enjoy complimentary guided walking tours. They also offer free land train tour of the Gwyllt woodlands. Portmeirion is open all year to help with any information, books, or maps you might require.

In addition to stunning architectural sights, it has a majestic setting and sub-tropical gardens. Portmeirion has two elegantly designed modern hotels, shops, a spa, cafes and restaurants, and an authentic Italian style gelateria.

Best Country Towns To Visit In The United Kingdom

2) Burford, Oxfordshire

Allot has changed over the years, but Burdford managed to remain attractive to the tourists. Burford is popular with visitors for both for its landscape and like many British towns; history. However, this is not it. In its narrow streets, shopping is a 24/7 practice, especially for antiques, and different cuisines to try. While in Burford, one can stay in a hotel visited by King Charles and Nell Gwynn, you can dine where Nelson Mandela once ate.

Bradford has many green hills; some way down the hill, Town hosts a delightful local museum built in the 16th century, which symbolizes the Town’s social and industrial past.

Burford is one of the few towns in the United Kingdom where you can still find old stone houses. Burford is non arguably the most picturesque towns in England, attracting thousands of photographers each year. Once called the ‘Gateway to the Cotswolds,’ the Town was an Anglo-Saxon ford, which later became a regional crossroads and wealthy wool town.

Rye, Sussex

1) Rye, Sussex

Rye in Sussex is undoubtedly the most beautiful country town in the United Kingdom. Pretty little markets welcome you as you step foot in this Town. Merged in between the steep green hills of the South Downs and the English Channel Rye are a Cinque Port town in Sussex and one of the best-preserved medieval towns in England. Rye is as postcard-perfect town comes.

Rye orignally means the bank of a river and three rivers surround the Town. Throughout the centuries, Rye used to be one of the most important harbors in England, while today, it mostly focuses on tourism.  The quaint East Sussex settlement is just two miles from the sea and posses a majestic view.  Rye’s passageways are dotted with quirky shops, and traditional dine inns and cafĂ©. A day in Rye guarantees to have a positive impact on you.

The Best Country Towns To Visit In The United Kingdom
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